Monday, July 5, 2010

Off to China

Well, this trip has been a long time coming. I would like to thanks my principal Julie, supervisor karen, mentor Stacey, and cooperating teacher Kristin for helping me to get there. I also need to send a big thanks to my friend Sage, who is also going along with me. She was so wonderful in my interview and application process. Tomorrow, or should I say later today, I leave for Wuhan China. I leave from Port Columbus at 3, have a 6 hour lay over in Chicago Ohare, and then get into Bejing China at 11:55pm on July 7th. Thus, about 21 hours of travel! No worries, I have lots of things to do! I will spend a few days touring around with the 28 other American teachers in Bejing, and then take a train to Wuhan for the English and Culture Program. Once there, I will teach the same 3 lessons about 10 times to about 300 Chinese college students. My topic will be American music history and I will also be teaching two extra curricular activities including a leadership training course and a flash mob! On August 1st I will head off to Thailand where I will spend 9 days visiting my Peace Corps site, taking a short trip to my favorite city of Chinag Mai, and visiting lots of dearly missed friends! I am pretty proud of myself for packing. My checked luggage only weights 40 pounds! I am currently a swirl of emotions...excited, nervous, happy, and missing friends and family already. Today has been crazy. I finally finished moving into my new living arrangements and cleaned the house, only to discover my flash drive with all of my teaching powerpoints was completely gone. So I had to run out, get a new flash drive, and upload everything onto it. Then, I took Georgia, my cat, over to my mom and dad's where she will spend the month. She was not at all happy about this and left me with a few parting scratches to remember her by. At any rate, I will end this by saying I will miss everyone and check out my blog every couple of days to see whats going on. I will try to update it as often as possible! See you all in August!